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Rotation: bi-directional.
Maximum Speed: 600 RPM at low electrical loads, 300
RPM at maximum electrical loads.
Torque (typical): 12 oz. in. per switch, with all switches operating at the same point; 12 oz. in. plus 3 oz. in. per switch with switches operating at spaced angles.
Ball Bearings: sealed type, lubricated for life.
Shaft: corrosion-resistant steel.

ADJUSTMENT RANGE: Dwell angles from
5° to 355° at any position with respect
to the shaft.
DIALS: Marked at 2° intervals.

ELECTRICAL: The CS-501 is available with a wide variety of snap-action switches. Contact arrangements include SPDT, DPDT, and two-circuit double break. Almost all high-capacity and special-purpose switches of the major switch manufacturers may be specified. Also, more than one type of switch may be specified in a multi-stack assembly. The switch supplied as standard (see switch data below) is a general-purpose unit for handling the high inrush currents of motors, solenoids and tungsten lamps.

The actuating plunger of each switch is gasketed and the assembly is highly dust resistant. Standard operating range is from -65°F. to +180°F. Materials are corrosion resistant, and are of stainless steel or aluminum alloy wherever practical. Models with switch cover conform to NEMA Type I specifications.

Switch Characteristics

Contact arrangement: SPDT
Motor Horsepower Rating:
1 H.P. @ 125 vac
2 H.P. @250 vac.
Current: 20A @ 125, 250 and 480 vac.
DC Rating: 0.5A @ 125 vdc, 0.25A @ 230 vdc.
Inrush Current: 75A.
This switch controls two separate circuits.
Contact Arrangement: SPDT Double Break.
Motor Horsepower Rating:
@ 125 vac; 1 H.P. @ 250 vac.
Current: 25A @ 125, 250 and 480 vac.
DC Rating: 10A @ 125 vdc; 0.5A @ 250 vdc.
Inrush Current: 75A.
This switch provides lowest make-break
differential in bi-directional applications.
Contact Arrangement: SPDT
Motor Horsepower Rating:
H.P. @ l25vac; H.P.@250vac.
Current: 22A @ 125, 250 and 480 vac.
DC Rating: 0.5A @ 125 vdc; O.25A @ 250 vdc.
Inrush Current: 35A.
Make-Break Differential: at shaft.
This switch simultaneously makes and breaks two independent circuits.
Contact Arrangement: DPDT.
Motor Horsepower Rating:
1/8 H.P. @ 125 vac; H.P. @ 250 vac.
Current: 10A @ 125 and 250 vac.
DC Rating:
0.3A @ 125 vdc; 0.15A @250 vdc.
Inrush Current: 30A.

Other switches are available for special uses, for example: make-before-break, make-before-make, and pulse-producing snap-action switches. Switches with voltage ratings up to 600 vac can also be supplied. *Specifications subject to change without notice.

Standard & Optional Styles

(NOTE: Model CS-501 Cam Switches are available in a variety of standard and optional styles to provide choice of mounting, switch and adjustment positions, as illustrated below. The drawings show physical configurations, but are not intended to show the number of switches that can be supplied in each style. For any style selected, the required number of switches should be specified in accordance with the specifying instructions below.)

How To Specify: The complete specification of a CS-501 Cam Switch to your requirements is provided by its part number. This part number consists of six elements, arranged as follows:

Thus, in the example given above, the part number describes a side mounted switch, with switches at 12 o'clock and adjustments at 3 o'clock; 12 switches in the assembly, using type T switches, with a 1/2" diameter shaft and a 2.35" rear extension.
Modified Designs For Special Applications Special modifications and adaptations of the CS-501 Cam Switch are available to meet particular requirements. Typical variations include geared assemblies, units with gear heads, special shafts, and special end bells. Precision Mechanisms Corp. welcomes your inquiries and will be pleased to consult with you on special requirements.

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