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Model CS 402 Miniature Cam Switches

Miniature units designed and manufactured to military, aerospace and commercial specifications.
Diameter: 1-1/16, equivalent to to BuOrd Size 11
Length: 0.8, one switch, plus 0.5 per switch
Dwell Angle: 3 to 357
Switch: SPDT
Rating: 5A, 250VAC, 3OVDC
Multi-Switch Models: up to 10 switches
Shaft: 0.125 dia.
For complete data, request Bulletin 106

Model CS 601 Subminiature Cam Switches

Subminiature units for airborne, space vehicle and other applications where size and weight are critical.
Diameter: 0.75, equivalent to BuOrd Size 8
Length: 0.730 one switch, plus 0.437 per switch
Dwell Angle: 3 to 357
Switch: SPDT
Rating: 7A, 250VAC, 3OVDC
Shaft: 0.125 dia.
Multi-Switch Models: up to 8 switches
For complete data, request Bulletin 109


0-10, -20, -40 revolutions without snap action switch, 0-25 revolutions with snap action switches actuated just before mechanical stops. All models infinitely adjustable with single external screw. SPDT snap action switch rated 7A, 250V.
For complete data, request Bulletins 103 and 104

Model CS 501 High-Power Cam Switches

Industrial types for control, cycling and sequencing of machine operations. End- or side mounting, with or without switch covers. Dials permit visual adjustment of switching points and dwell angles.
Dwell Angle: 5 to 355
Diameter: 3.5
Length: 3 one switch, plus 1.5 per switch
Shaft: 0.5 dia.
Switches: SPDT, DPDT.
Special types to requirements.
Ratings: to 25A and 600 V, inrush current
to 75A.
For complete data, request Bulletin 108


A complete line of off the shelf components for assembling an unlimited variety of geared mechanisms. Gear ratios to 78,125:1, zero-backlash spring-loaded gears and torque-limiting slip clutches are featured. Assembled units meet design and materials requirements of MIL-E-5400 and MIL-E-16400.
For complete data and catalog of stocked components, request Bulletin 102.


PMC specializes in design and manufacture of servo mechanisms and mechanical modules to user requirements for airborne, ground support, communications, fire control and other critical applications. The units shown are typical of the mechanisms designed and manufactured for military and industrial equipment.

Short lead time delivery on both prototypes and production quantities.
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