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LS 302 - Bulletin 104

The LS 302 is an infinitely adjustable limit stop in which electrical end switches are actuated just
before the mechanical stop is reached.

Separate, single pole-double throw, snap-acting switches are provided for clockwise and counter clockwise rotation.
The switch-stop range can be set to any angle between 0 and 25 revolutions by means of a single range-setting screw.


Switches SPDT per MS 24547-1
Rating 5 amps., 250 vac, 30 vdc
Make-Break Differential

30 max. at shaft

Actuation Point 45 (nom.) before stop engagement

Models with dual SPDT switches and special
ranges and shafts are available

Range 0 to 25 revolutions
Starting Torque .04 oz. in. max.
Switching Torque .35 oz. in.
Static Rating 80 oz. in.
Shaft Inertia 6 x 10-6 oz. in sec.2
Weight 1.8 oz.
Shaft Runout .001 F.I.R. max.
Shaft-Pilot Runout .001 F.I.R. max.
General Construction Corrosion resistant steel
and anodized aluminum alloy
Precision Ball Bearings.
Military Specifications Meets requirements of Mil-E-5400
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